Perception of Emotion in CBCT and IBCT

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A 12 page research paper that addresses this topic. Couples therapy has become increasing popular for treating a wide variety of problems as therapists recognize that problems arise within the context of the client’s social and emotional environment (Ussher, 1990). Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy (CBCT) began in the late 1970s/early 1980s with the research and theory construction of Jacobson and Margolin in 1979 and Stuart in 1980 (Epstein, 2006). It provided precise clinical guidelines that facilitate offering effective aid to “distressed couples from an empirically supported social learning framework” (Epstein, 2006, p. 339). However, while CBCT helped many couples, this method of couple therapy also presented challenges, as “outcome studies” sowed that behavioral interventions did not produce “statistically or clinically significant improvement,” as relapses were noted at follow-up evaluations (Epstein, 2006, p. 339). Bibliography lists 14 sources.