Kaplan, Imperial Grunts

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An 8 page book review and research paper that profiles Robert D. Kaplan’s book Imperial Grunts. Reviewer William Holahan states that Kaplan “defines the reach of America’s new imperialism as (being) so broad that it touches all areas of operation under the present combatant commanders” (Holahan, 2006, p. 49). As this definition suggests, an interesting feature of Kaplan’s perspective is that he perceives the idea of America as an imperial conqueror in the tradition of “ancient Greece and Rome, the Ottoman empire, and…Great Britain” as merely stating reality and he, more or less, sees this as a good thing, with the qualification that it should be handled properly (Holahan, 2006, p. 49). This examination of Kaplan’s Imperial Grunts looks specifically at the fifth and eighth chapters, which deal with the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively, in order to ascertain a fuller and more detailed picture of Kaplan’s view of U.S. imperialism. Bibliography lists 3 sources.