Understanding Paranoid Schizophrenia Through "A Beautiful Mind"

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5 pages in length. Without any further understanding of paranoid schizophrenia, the average moviegoer may watch and become enthralled with A Beautiful Mind but never consider the story as being grounded in reality; indeed, the expansive nature of Nash's cognitive ability that spanned from one end of the spectrum to another in an unfathomable amount of time is surely a theatrical embellishment so common of Hollywood's poetic license. However, not only is Nash's story realistically depicted, but it is also portrayed his level of functioning in such a way as to tap into its reality. The only downside is the filmmakers' inability to capture exactly what transpired in Nash's mind during the phases of his disease, for only he can accurately understand what he felt. Instead of seeking a literal application of Nash's experiences, they sought - and ultimately achieved - one that captured the spirit of his struggle. Bibliography lists 3 sources.