Ford Motors/Its International Presence

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An 8 page research paper that discusses Ford in terms of its international presence. As the resurgence of Apple Computers has proven with its Imac and Ipod products, it is quite possible for a company to reinvent itself when both its future and fiscal profile look bleak. Examination of recent coverage and scholarly analysis of Ford Motor Company, as well Ford policy itself as indicated on its Web site, suggests that Ford is in the process of such reinvention. Furthermore, sources suggest that this reinvention of the Ford name brand draws on Ford's current international presence rather than on the way Ford is perceived domestically. This analysis will show that Ford has established an international presence based on small, increasingly-more fuel efficient cars, which is a drastic departure from its past reputation and direction and that this identity for the company constitutes its future direction, both domestically and abroad, as Ford executives confront the environmental and economic realities of the current era. Bibliography lists 10 sources.