Strategic Impact Of E-Business Supply Chain Management; The Case of Asda

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This 66 page paper is an exanimation of the way that eBusiness and eCommerce has impacted on supply chain management with the use of the UK supermarket Asda (a subsidiary of Wal-Mart) as a case study. The paper starts with an introduction which outlines the aims and objectives of the paper as well as the constraints. An in-depth literature review looks at the concept of the supply chain, Porters' value chain, the value of collaboration, inventory management techniques and the use of technology in supply chain management. There is a section on methodology, explaining the use of the case study and then Asda is examined in terms of the way it competes and the way that the supply chain management fits in which the competitive strategy. The supply chain strategy of Asda is compared Tesco, its nearest rival. The bibliography cites 100 sources.