Enron & WorldCom: Who Blew The Whistle?

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3 pages in length. Knowing someone is doing something very wrong and failing to alert the authorities about it goes against one of the very first lessons humans learn as children. However, as children grow into adulthood, an entirely new set of unspoken rules exist where whistle blowing is concerned, and it is no longer just a matter of doing the right thing when one's job - or worse - would be on the line if one followed his ethical conscience. Moreover, whistle blowing can place individuals in an awkward situation when those exhibiting the misconduct are supervisors or - worse yet - CEOs of some of the world's most visible corporations. Three women fully understood the potential consequences that awaited them if they were to blow the whistle on Enron and WorldCom's illegal activities but they also knew if they remained silent, not only would they breach their own personal codes of ethics but they would fail to alert the many stakeholders who were destined to be financially ruined. Bibliography lists 3 sources.