Depression: To Medicate Or Not

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5 pages in length. Depression treatments do not always take into consideration the best interest of the patient; that options run the gamut from pharmacology to talk therapy and alternatives to lifestyle changes speaks to how the road to healing can reflect more of the practitioner's beliefs than what is truly the most appropriate for the patient. Given the fact that depression medication is fraught with undesirable side effects is the first and foremost reason to reassess whether pharmacology is the right choice to make individual patients let alone across the board with all clients. Depression's composition is either chemical or environmental (trauma); when it is the latter, drugs do not address the source nor the solution but instead exacerbates an already bad situation by adding needless psychological and physical by-products. Even when the cause is chemical in nature, medication should not be considered the primary therapeutic approach; coupled with cognitive or other applicable psychological therapy, the patient has a much greater potential for recovery. Bibliography lists 15 sources.