Religious Profiling And Police Brutality: How They Affect Operations

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6 pages in length. The criminal justice system operates from two different sets of rules: one mandated by the Constitution and another both self-imposed and under the radar. For example, the presence of law enforcement provides retailers with a temporary sense of security; when police are having lunch in a particular restaurant, the proprietor often picks up the tab in exchange for the implied safety measure against crime. To accept a free meal on such arbitrary grounds of perceived protection is to accept what many believe to be a thinly veiled bribe to ensure many return engagements. The extent to which law enforcement harbors a number of covert policies that give officers a wide berth for deviant behavior is both grand and far-reaching; that such implicit policies as religious profiling and police brutality impact department effectiveness by severely limiting the ethical and equitable nature of law enforcement. Bibliography lists 5 sources.