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Critical Analysis of The Metamorphosis

Critical Analysis of "The Metamorphosis"

Throughout The Metamorphosis, there are many scenes in which Gregor’s father acts very aggressive and violent. However, there are other scenes where Gregor’s father seems lazy and weak. Gregor’s father changes throughout the whole book, but for the most part, the author portrays him as a power-hungry, and lethargic tyrant. During the countless hours in his room, Gregor recalled the days before his metamorphosis. “Now his father was still healthy, certainly, but he was an old man who had not worked during these five years…he had gained a lot of weight and as a result had become fairly sluggish.” (Kafka pg. 28) After Gregor’s transformation, there were many incidents where Gregor’s father was described as being more aggressive and intimidating.

Above the high stiff collar of the jacket his heavy chin protruded; under his bushy eyebrows his black eyes darted bright, piercing glances; his usually rumpled hair was combed flat, with a scrupulously exact, gleaming part. He threw his cap…in an arc across the entire room onto the couch, and with the tails of his long uniform jacket slapped back, his hands in his pant pockets, went for Gregor with a sullen look on his face. (Kafka pg. 38)

Gregor had been attacked many times by his father in this book. Each time, his father acts just as violent, using many tools like apples and canes as weapons. Despite his father trying to act as a tyrant of the house, he also places a burden upon the family at times. “As soon as the clock struck ten, his mother tried to awaken his father with soft encouraging words…not until the women lifted him up under his arms did he open his eyes…leaning on the two women, he could get u laboriously, as if he were the greatest weight on himself, and let the women lead him to the door, where, shrugging them off, he would proceed independently.”(Kafka pg. 41-42) As you can see, the author’s attitude towards Gregor’s father makes him appear as an angry, and lethargic character in this book.

Gregor’s attitude fluctuated during The Metamorphosis. There were times where he felt completely content with his life; he thought of nothing but the present, and how smoothly life was running. However, during the middle of the book, Gregor does through periods of deep boredom and depression. By the end of the book, Gregor’s depression had progressed to...

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Critical Analysis of The Metamorphosis

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