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Existentialism Explored through Meaningless Reflection

Existentialism Explored through Meaningless Reflection

Although there is no specific question in which to answer for this reflection, I found that in order for me to successfully accomplish it I had to. The first question I asked myself was, what exactly did I do? It is hard to remember every exact piece for English that I read or wrote, however I do know the less than substantial amount of time that I put in, up until my American dream definition paper.

The point of a reflection is to reflect upon myself, the work I accomplished, and my writing technique. I have put in contributions to the pursuit of my learning, however one of the major downfalls that I have failed to accomplish is my ongoing procrastination in all of my schoolwork. Up until the American Dream definition paper, I was not using my time wisely. It was hard for me to manage other schoolwork, sports, dancing, and my job. With the American dream essay, I had a month to sort through my papers, thoughts, and also look up more information on people's beliefs of their American dream. I started to jot down many ideas and sentences, however the problem with that was that I didn't stay organized at all. I ended up losing two drafts of my paper until I decided to save everything on my computer so I could write and cut whatever I wanted without the fear of losing papers again. This turned out to be very effective, and I plan to use this way of writing papers much more often.

I have not been responsible this year in my schoolwork in the fact that if it isn't procrastination, I am losing papers. All year as a whole I also haven't been responsible in English in the fact that I haven't rewritten one paper. On my Caesar essay I knew I could do better, and on my Great Gatsby timed essay I received a D+. The comment written on my paper says, "This just scrambles, never makes a point." When I read this and looked at my essay, I realized it was mostly because I didn't have a good prewrite to help me along the way. I decided that I wasn't going to let that happen with my American Dream essay, which is why I put a lot more effort into it by organizing my thoughts and writing good prewrite to...

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Existentialism Explored through Meaningless Reflection

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