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Romeo And Juliet Before and After: Static Characters

Two lovers died by suicide all due to a simple piece of mail not sent. Romeo and Juliet are both very irrational and childlike in the way they deal with problems caused by feuding. While one struggles to solve the problems they share, the other unknowingly spoils the entire plot! However many conflicts there may be in the story, it only means that the dynamic characters are sure to change.
Romeo falls in love right off the bat with Juliet. At first this may be seen as romantic, but this theory is quickly thrown away as you see the immaturity he shows cost him dearly. The irrational things he does to get to his love Juliet he would have done at the beginning of the story as well, so Romeo might be looked upon as a static character. Why? The way he goes about dealing with the death of Juliet mirrors the same person he was at the beginning of the story. Romeo snuck into the garden to see Juliet, and though this was a romantic move on his part he also gambled his own life. At no point does Romeo ever quite cross the line into maturity. The same mistakes are made repeatedly on his part.
Juliet is slightly more mature then Romeo, but just as if not more irrational. She too falls in love at first sight even as she already has a husband selected by her parents. At no point does she make as horrible of a decision as when she decides to take the potion supplied by Friar Lawrence. Why would she feel the need to ingest the potion immediately rather then wait a little more time and tell Romeo herself of the golden plan? And just as quickly as she fell in love she decided to commit suicide.
Horrific decisions are made time after time between each of the main characters of the story. The irresponsible choices from the beginning are mirrored towards the end of the story in more drastic proportions. Though many describe Romeo and Juliet to be dynamic characters, I look upon each of them as static.
Two irrational lovers died by suicide due to a piece of mail not sent and many bad decisions one after another. A basic lack of communication is the downfall of the overly romantic couple, and much is to be learned from this. Though the plot is promising...

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Romeo And Juliet Before and After: Static Characters

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