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Use of Character Development and Strong Imagery in Story

Use of Character Development and Strong Imagery in Story

Dwight giving my Winchester away was inconceivable; I left the house and went to talk to Arthur. “Arthur, can you believe that Dwight would make the decision to trade my Winchester for a stupid dog, especially without asking me? On top of that, he lied to my mother once again. There is no way that Dwight will get my Winchester back like he told my mother he would.” “Who knows,” said Arthur, “Maybe he didn’t lie to your mother and he really is going to trade for your Winchester back.” “Dwight’s main goal has always been to make me as miserable as he could and this was only the next step”, I yelled back at Arthur. Arthur didn’t know what he was talking about. Dwight had gone to far this time. It was my Winchester, not his. I knew exactly how I was going to get even too. When Champions previous owner sends the AKC papers, I’m going to find out exactly where my Winchester is. Then I am going to hitchhike with Arthur to Seattle and get my Winchester back. After I get back, Dwight will be sorry that he has treated my mother and I so poorly.

School was not important anymore; the only thing on my mind was to make sure that I would get to the mail before Dwight. As the mailman approached on Wednesday, I had a funny feeling in my stomach. Were the papers going to finally be here? Would I now be able to start my plan? The mailman handed me the mail – They were here! Champion’s owner did actually live in Seattle and the plan to get my back Winchester back could now be formulated.

Lying awake in bed I thought of my plan. Before I leave for school, I am going to take some of the money I have been saving up and place it in my secret hiding spot in the woods. I was to go to go to school like it was any normal day. During my paper route, I am going to pick up Arthur at the place where we once fought and, hopefully, Arthur is going to bring with him some food that he steals from home. Lastly, we will...

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Use of Character Development and Strong Imagery in Story

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