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Teaching English As A Foreign Language Using Neurolinguistic Programming

in teaching (Baker, 2005). Using NLP "will enable us to uncover the basis of our perceptions and so teach us how we think and lear...

Cooperative Learning, Neurolinguistic Programming, and English as a Foreign Language Strategy

transforming our sense data into internal images, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations" (Gal?n and Maguire, 1999). We each commun...

A History of Foreign Language Curricula in American Schools

of the world speaks languages other than English. Hence, there is good reason to speak the language. Yet, American public schools ...

The Brain and Foreign Language: Acquisition

which memory is responsible for structuring learning foreign language is both grand and far-reaching; that certain components of r...

Summary of “Listening in the Native and Second/Foreign Language: Toward an Integration of Research”

human understanding, theorists such as Aristotle and Saint Augustine also considered the same subject as did Hobbes and the Port R...

When Should School Children Start Learning A New Language?

When Should School Children Start Learning A New Language? We live in a time when there are great efforts being put in bringing...

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The Importance of Bilingual Education

The Importance of Bilingual Education The controversial practice of bilingual education has been under fire the last few years ...

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Learning Foreign Languages

Introduction Learning foreign languages is essential today. Here learning means gaining knowledge, skills from experience or stud...

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