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A Better Understanding of Physics

A Better Understanding of Physics

Throughout this year, I have greatly enjoyed doing labs in Physics class. Not only did I have fun while doing these labs, but also learned a lot from them. By doing these labs, the abstract concepts that I learned by reading the textbooks came alive; I was able to experience firsthand the wonder of physics.

The lab that I enjoyed the most doing was the Egg Drop Lab. It is quite obvious why anyone would like doing this lab. It was very interesting trying to come up with the container that would keep the egg from cracking. I was able to try out my own theories and see if they worked. It was also very exciting when they worked.

The lab that I found the hardest to do was the Nichrome Wire Lab. I had trouble with this lab because I couldn’t set up the circuit correctly. I tried every way possible, but they wouldn’t work. If I fixed one wrong setup, another one would be wrong. I had to try many times before I got the right setup.

The lab that helped in my understanding of physics was the Lights in Series and Parallel lab. Before doing this lab I had no clue about the differences between voltage and amps. The lab showed me that lights in series created more resistance and so lessened the amperes, and that lights in parallel drew more current and so shined just as bright as if there were one light.

The lab that gave me the most understanding in math was the Ranking Frictional Forces lab. This lab involved finding the final vector of some forces. Taking this lab before learning this in pre-calculus put me ahead of my class in math.

The lab that helped the most in my understanding of the topic was the Computer/Charged Particles Lab. This was the first computer lab that I understood how to do. I really got into doing it and was excited when I got the right answers. For the last challenge (mass spectrometer), I was able to find out which element the unknown was. When I did the calculations and found out that it was chlorine, I realized I understood the topic. This lab was really helpful in explaining...

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A Better Understanding of Physics

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