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A Discussion of the most Popular Nutritional Supplements

A Discussion of the most Popular Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are becoming more and more widely used by athletes in the world of sports today. Some supplements are more commonly used than others. Creatine is one that acts as a lean muscle builder and is the most commonly used. Ephedrine, which is also known as the oral form of adrenaline, is one of the more dangerous supplements. There is also Xenadrine, which is an herbal weight loss formula. Many of these supplements have side effects that can be harmful and even deadly.

The most commonly used supplement used by athletes in sports today is Creatine. Creatine helps muscle growth and helps re-grow muscle tissue faster. Creatine is mostly taken before workouts to minimize soreness and to lift more weight in shorter lengths of time. Creatine is found in most foods people eat everyday. However, the amount of Creatine in food is so small that it has little effect. This is why some athletes experience different results depending on their diet. Most reports of athletes taken this supplement say that after a five to ten pound gain in muscle mass they see no other significant results. Creatine also has many side effects. Nausea, headaches, and fevers are a few. The most experienced side effect is upset stomach.

One of the more dangerous supplements used by athletes in sports today is Ephedrine. Ephedrine is also known as the oral form of adrenaline. It is closely related in structure to methamphedamine and was originally used to relive severe asthma attacks. Ephedrine increases heart rate and increases blood pressure, which is why it is taken before workouts to "pump" athletes up before a workout. The side effects of this supplement include dehydration, clenched teeth, upset stomach jitteriness, dry mouth, nervousness, muscle tremors, heart palpitations, and irritability. The main side effect, which is effecting most athletes, is dehydration. Many athletes are not drinking enough water while taking this supplement.

One of the best herbal weight loss supplements on the market today is Xenadrine. Xenadrine. Xenadrine contains ephedrine and/or caffeine. This is why most people who are taking Xenadrine experience bursts of energy. In just a few weeks of use, users experience visible improvements in muscle tone and fat loss and increased metabolism. Only short-term use of months at a time is recommended to prevent tolerance to the supplement. Xenadrine is taken by users about thirty minutes prior to workouts....

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A Discussion of the most Popular Nutritional Supplements

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