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Contemporary Dance Description

Uploaded by CaseyP on Oct 26, 2017

Contemporary Dance Description
Contemporary dance refers to an expressive style of dance which allows freedom of expression both mentally and physically to relay specific information to an audience. This combines emotions that links the spirit with the mind and the body to pass information at deeper levels. Elements from different styles of dance like jazz, lyrical, classical ballet and modern are incorporated to form contemporary dance. The dance emphasizes versatility and trial of new ideas, unlike other dance actions that are rigid on instruction. The freedom of movement allows the participants to express inner feeling during the dance (Van Dyck et al., 183). Therefore, in addition to the above, this paper will define contemporary dance and describe its history.
The contemporary dance began in 20th century with early development in North America and Europe. The strict rules in other dance; lyrical and classical ballet had become too much for the dancers to bear hence the need to eliminate the rules. This led to exploration from all dance moves across the world that gave rise to contemporary dance (Hesmondhalgh, David, and L. Meier, 98). The dance does not have restrictions and guarantees for entirely different movements including dancing on the floor as much as the physical fitness of an individual may allow. When performed on the floor, the dance depends on the physics principle of gravity that enables the dancer to make amazing moves and flow.
The roots of this popular dance are linked to most aspiring individuals in history. Among them are Isadora Duncan, Merce Cunningham and Martha Graham who needed to prove to the universe contemporary dance is possible. Indeed the dance instilled a sense in contemporary dancers to embrace the freedom, and step up from older dancing styles. Also, the earlier skills of Indian health yoga entail certain dancing philosophies that are similar to principles of contemporary dance.
Martha Graham introduced contemporary dance, making sure it gained enough fame and popularity in the world. During her dancing career, her modern dance and choreographies became known and had remained competent with the work of other legends in entertainment. As a result, she was privileged to be the first dancer to entertain at the White House earning her a medal of freedom. Her dancing moves do not only relate to the art geniuses but also influential dancing masters. All these individuals worked in popularizing contemporary dance.
Merce Cunningham improved the work of...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   10/26/2017

Category:   Music

Length:   3 pages (601 words)

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Contemporary Dance Description

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