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Education Crisis in the Arab world

Uploaded by hafiznaeem81 on Oct 20, 2007

Knowledge and education are the backbone of every society. Knowledge is power and critical to development of any country; also, knowledge is one of the few human resources that does not perish, but rather proliferates through consumption. The competition between nations for ground-breaking research, innovation and technology is intense as history witnesses. The right to education was first embodied in the human rights declaration of 1948 which declared that every child has as much right to education as they do food and shelter.
I chose this topic for my Model Arab League (MAL) research paper recognizing the importance of education and understanding it is the one deficit in the Arab world responsible for many other deficiencies in Arab societies ranging from poverty to restricted political and individual freedoms. The MAL conference gives me a venue to show my inner sentiments; I have a great enthusiasm for educational reform and I often think and dream of how we can improve our failed educational systems.
In this humble paper I have attempted to identify the most pressing problems concerning education in the Arab world and the subsequent effects on Arab society while providing some possible solutions. This prognosis and prescription will hopefully bring to light a very serious problem while offering sincere remedies to recapture a glorious Arab intellectual past. Every drop of rain is equally important among the millions of others, so I hope that this will not go in vain.
Hafiz Muhammad Naeem

A Brief History of Education in the Arab World
The Arab world has a long intellectual and educational tradition. It has a tradition of expending human energy and resources on the search for all forms of knowledge. That is why, one thousand years ago, the most developed part of the world was the Arab world. The Arabs, in fact, led the world in many areas of knowledge.
The catalyst for the blossoming of education in the Arab world was the pronouncement of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he said, “it is the duty of every Muslim man and woman to seek education. The prophet founded mosque school and under his influence Arabs pursued knowledge for its own sake. The use of Arabic, the language of the Koran, spread with Islam and gave a common means of communication to people over a vast area, thusly allowing for the rapid transfer of information. The Arabs translated and preserved teachings from...

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Uploaded by:   hafiznaeem81

Date:   10/20/2007

Category:   Social Sciences

Length:   22 pages (5,051 words)

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Education Crisis in the Arab world

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