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Examination of Global Competition and Sustained Development

Uploaded by Doraemon on Jan 03, 2005

[i:88599fa90e]Using a tourist destination of your choice as an example, examine the extent to which you agree that there is a conflict between achieving global competitiveness and ensuring sustainable development.[/i:88599fa90e]

Given the size and complexity of the tourism industry in the Caribbean States I will concentrate on some of the environmental consequences along with the financial benefits and socio-political effects faced as a result of being a popular destination for millions of people. The focus of this piece will be on the following issues, issues such as water shortage, displacement of people from their traditional forms of livelihood, also the fact that the Caribbean States are over dependant on the tourism industry as a means of attracting foreign investments.

Tourism has often been described as an industry that destroys the resources on which it depends for its very existence. In many parts of the world tourism seems to be suffering from its own success. The World Travel and Tourism Environment Review quotes the Financial Times of January 9, 1993, as describing the Mediterranean Sea, a major tourism area, as a "diluted sewer." It continues, "The Mediterranean Basin is home to 130 million people and is visited by 100 million tourists annually. Jointly these generate 2 billion tons of sewerage of which roughly 30% is treated. The remainder is discharged into the sea untreated and contaminates the area with little room to escape. The result? Only 4% of shellfish from the area are considered fit for human consumption and periodic increases in algae are to be expected (WWTTERC Review 1993).

A report by the Coral Reef Alliance, in 1995, found that "at the current rate of destruction, up to 70% of the world's coral reefs may be killed within our lifetime. Of the 234,320 square miles of coral reefs world-wide, 10% are already destroyed beyond recovery; 30% face a similar fate in the next 20 years. Destruction of the reefs would mean the extinction of thousands of marine species and elimination of the primary source of food, employment and income for millions of people."

The dangers are even greater where the countries involved are small islands with fragile social and ecological systems. The Caribbean receives 14 million overnight tourists and 10 million cruise passenger visitors too. The region, relying as it does on tourism for some 25% of its export earnings, is the world's most tourism dependent region.

In 1999 visitors to the Caribbean spent...

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Uploaded by:   Doraemon

Date:   01/03/2005

Category:   Business

Length:   11 pages (2,388 words)

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Examination of Global Competition and Sustained Development

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