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Uploaded by Kodge on May 24, 2007

Not the best in the world. However it does include some of the russian shit that you might need if you ever do a essay on Russia in 1905 and Lenin and other crap. Also a hilarious quote guarenteed to give you that excellent a*
One of the problems that lenin had to face in the civil war was food. Farmers where not making enough food to feed the Russian people and the Russian soldiers. Factories where slow and Lenin needed transport and weaponary. To solve this problem Lenin had to think quick on his feet, so he came up with war communism. He took the ownership of factories from there original owners and farms from the farmers and he told them what to make, how much to make, and when to make them for. Most of the working class people who worked in the factories lived in poor living conditions and there wages where next to nothing. I think that because of what Lenin did to this it injured the Russian working man, and peasent, greatly. They where farming food just for the government and not for themselfs, and it was starving and killing them, the working class, whom worked in factories and other places similar, where also hungry. However it did make enough food for the soldiers and the rich, it changed the production rate of food and products from the factories and farms.
In my opinion only the rich and Lenin, and soliders benefited from this, the working class and farmers where been worked to death, I think that they somewhat felt cheated, and that there country was greatly against them.

Many farmers hated what Lenin was doing because they where not gaining a profit so they could earn money, so they tried not to send the food they grew to the government but Lenin sent his secret police forced called the Checka, which he sent to farmers to collect the food. If the farmers didn't give the food over willingly the Checka would either kill the farmers or forcefully take them to labour camps. Thousands of farmers died from this cruel treatment. This action changed the farmers decision on not sending food to the government, if they valued theres, and there families, lifes that is. Although the Checka seemed somewhat "harsh" it got the point across and it got the goods they needed off of the

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Uploaded by:   Kodge

Date:   05/24/2007

Category:   History

Length:   6 pages (1,457 words)

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