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How have women been discriminated against in the workplace and how has it improved

Uploaded by Kerrytom on Aug 10, 2013

Annotated Bibliography
Bullock, Susan. 1994. Women and Work. London; Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Zed Books.
This book had a very good global view of this issue, excellently covering subjects such as women in rural employment, home working, exploitation of women in developing nations, education and the need to organize for change. In the context of the question asked, I used this book to take a more global look at women in work, in particular women in developing countries. It had an extremely insightful chapter on women in rural employment, which I cover during the course of answering the question.

Coyle, Angela. 1988. Women and Work: Positive Action for Change. Basingstoke; Macmillan Education.
The scope of this book initially covers a fairly broad view of the problem of discrimination against women in the workplace. It then proceeds to give varied accounts of the hardship women face in the workforce, taking different professions and areas of work, as examples of how this burden was faced. It also gives an interesting perspective on solutions to these problems, with the use of positive action. In relation to the question asked, this book contributed to my research in a couple of ways. Firstly, because it was published in 1988, it made for a good comparative study to view against more recent trends in women’s equality in work. It was useful as well because it gave a good synopsis of, not only trends in 1988, but also how the situation changed from the 1950s onwards, to arrive in the late 1980s. In addition, it also was helpful in so much that it took particular work environments and highlighted the various discrepancies between the male and female workers.

Garcia-Beaulieu, Carmen. August 2004. ‘Women’s Employment among Blacks, Whites and Three Groups of Latinas: Do more privileged Women Have Higher Employment?’, Gender and Society. Vol: 18, No. 4, pp 494-509.
This journal entry is a comparative study dealing with more privileged ethnic, national origin and education groups and how likely they each are to work for pay. In the study, conducted in the United States of America, the author compares white women to black and three groups of Latinas, namely Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans. This study was very helpful for my question because it brings up another side to gender discrimination in the workplace, namely race discrimination. It contains a lot of useful data to show these comparisons between these different women....

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Uploaded by:   Kerrytom

Date:   08/10/2013

Category:   Discrimination

Length:   9 pages (2,120 words)

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How have women been discriminated against in the workplace and how has it improved

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