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Kerrytom  (400 points)
Joined : Thursday, March 1, 2012
Location : Cork, 0 IE
Education : College
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Essays Submitted by Kerrytom

Title Date Submitted Views
The Great Irish Famine- Cathal Poirteir-Review 8/10/2013 8:45:30 PM 1521
Souperism: Myth or Reality-Desmond Bowen-Review 8/10/2013 8:39:17 PM 1328
Proselytisation during the Famine 8/10/2013 8:33:09 PM 1374
Nangle of the myth of souperism 8/10/2013 8:26:44 PM 1348
De Valera and Treaty Negotiations 8/10/2013 8:18:05 PM 1206
De Cuellar's Letter 8/10/2013 8:11:10 PM 1409
The west's Influence on Early 20th Century China 8/10/2013 8:05:34 PM 1741
Irish Barbarianism and1691 rebellion 8/10/2013 7:59:34 PM 1168
Alexander's metamorphosis after the battle at Gaugamela in 331 BC? 8/10/2013 7:53:16 PM 1246
Cuban Missile crisis and Castro 8/10/2013 7:44:34 PM 1413
Anatta in Buddhism 8/10/2013 7:33:31 PM 2118
How the 1691 Irish rebellion inmtinsified the Irish reputation for barbarianism 8/10/2013 7:27:05 PM 968
Qianlong’s letter to King George III 8/10/2013 7:19:12 PM 3288
Discuss the possible reasons for Eamon De Valera not travelling to the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations. Did his absence from the delegation alter the outcome of the negotiations 8/10/2013 7:13:07 PM 1116
Discuss the historical debates that have developed in relation to ‘The 1916 Rising’ and ‘Irish Neutrality’. 8/10/2013 7:07:51 PM 1165
Discuss 'insider' and 'outsider' in religion 8/10/2013 7:00:15 PM 2587
Park Chung-hee transformed South Korea in the aftermath of the Korean War. Discuss 8/10/2013 6:54:54 PM 1665
Access the short term impact (down to the late 1950s) of the European Recovery Programme (or Marshall Aid) on the economy of the 26 counties of Ireland 8/10/2013 6:47:34 PM 1035
Surrender and Re-grant in Tudor Ireland: fact and myth 8/10/2013 6:39:23 PM 1659
To what extent did domestic politics influence President Johnson’s decisions to escalate the war? 8/10/2013 6:32:54 PM 1080
Why was Christian Europe was slow to react to the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and the continuing threat from the Ottoman Turks 8/10/2013 6:26:23 PM 1367
Compare and contrast the presentation of Themistocles and Aristides in Plutarch’s Lives 8/10/2013 6:20:25 PM 2085
Why was the Tet Offensive of such significant importance? 8/10/2013 6:14:26 PM 2210
Book review on 'Jugding Dev' by Diarmuid Ferriter 8/10/2013 6:07:34 PM 1145
Scipio Africanus: The Greatest Roman General 8/10/2013 6:01:04 PM 1628
Padraig Pearse and why he has been an attractive subject for biographers 8/10/2013 5:55:19 PM 993
How have women been discriminated against in the workplace and how has it improved 8/10/2013 5:48:12 PM 1776
Investigation into Proselytisation during the Famine years in Dingle, Co. Kerry & Dugort, Achill Island, Co. Mayo: A Case Study 8/10/2013 5:41:43 PM 1047
To what extent was there an Ulster dimension to the Irish problem prior to the crisis over the Third Home Rule Bill? 8/10/2013 5:35:39 PM 1094
To what extent was German unification under Prussian leadership an inevitable outcome and the only solution to the German national question? 8/10/2013 5:29:31 PM 1432
Book review on “A Shorter Illustrated History of Ulster” by Jonathan Bardon 8/10/2013 5:23:47 PM 597
Was the cuban missile crisis the result of Castro's fear of a US invasion 8/10/2013 5:17:42 PM 1067
Outline the main interpretations of the French Revolution 8/10/2013 4:48:06 PM 1945
How truthful was Captain De Cuellar's Letter about the Armada and his survival? 8/10/2013 4:36:29 PM 1341
Western Influence on Early 20th Century China 8/10/2013 4:26:00 PM 1562
Discuss the achievements of Amerigo Vespucci 8/10/2013 4:18:36 PM 1464
Do you agree with John Maxwell O'Brien's statement that a "metamorphosis" occurred in the character of Alexander after the battle at Gaugamela in 331 BC? 8/10/2013 4:11:07 PM 874
The Flight of the Earls 8/11/2012 7:39:28 PM 1594
The Origins of the Cuban Missile Crisis 8/11/2012 7:33:06 PM 1638


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