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IT Project Methodology

Uploaded by CaseyP on Nov 11, 2016


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The scenario, in my opinion, was due to an issue with human engineering. Human Engineering coordinates the design of tools, machines, systems and physical working conditions with the capacities, limitations, and requirements of the worker (Gosbee, 2002).
The goal of human engineering is to design tools and equipment for the practical use and handling by people. The design process focuses on the needs of the user and the characteristics (Gosbee, 2002). The design is changed repeatedly based on the feedback of the user from using the equipment. This ensures that the device meets the intended purpose and operates in a manner that is efficient. Early testing of the material guarantees the limitations of the system are established before the system is taken to the field. In the scenario, no one was certain under what grounds the monitor was placed in the demo mode. Assessing the manual and talking to the biomedical engineering team, it was possible that the transport monitor could remain ‘’D’’ mode forever. Recreating the steps to change the system from in and out demo mode was quite a challenge since the procedure was not clear. Additionally, following the steps on display was quite a challenge. Many clinicians were doing work rounds that day, so it is possible that the difficulty of establishing and treating unstable patients does not necessarily mean that the interpretation of medical equipment is involved. Without proper knowledge of the consequences, some managers were rewarding the health care providers who could interpret and master this compact device.
To establish that this occurrence does not recur in the future, advancement of the design of the equipment should be put into consideration as opposed to providing training to health care practitioners or labeling the device. For instance, the programming of the transport monitor should be changed. Caution signs should also be put in place where only specific people are allowed to operate the equipment.
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IT project methodology
Project management is exclusively based on the fact that a plan or scheme should go through various phases to take the project from beginning to the end. It is important to have variables in the course of a project, that way you will not deviate from the primary goal. Deliverables should be the primary concern in project elements and should involve a timeline based on description and significance. Avoiding the procedure of target definition to establish your project management could...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   11/11/2016

Category:   Technology

Length:   12 pages (2,649 words)

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IT Project Methodology

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