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Immigration in America

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jan 08, 2018


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November 25, 2017

Immigration was high in America since many people considered the nation a greener pasture than their home countries. Albeit some chose to be there, others were brought in as slaves to help in manual labor. The vast majority of people in the America suffered several setbacks and conflicts because of social factors such as class and ethnic differences. This paper discusses immigration and how some Americans and the federal government responded to immigrates in America acts, Congress, riots, and conflicts and consequences. It also shows how the various groups adjusted to life in American. Some of the highlights of the paper are August Spies who was hanged and the Chinese Exclusion Act.
August Spies was born in Europe; he grew up around educated and cultured people. However, he immigrated to America and settled in Chicago in his late teens. His European experience and background inspired his love for military affairs. Hence, he joined the Socialist Labor Party in America. Later, August Spies was employed to edit for the International Working People’s Association due to his eloquence. His vocal nature made him gain the attention of the police in the Haymarket Square Rally in May 1986. In the above rally, protestors advocated for an eight-hour working day. After Spies speech, the police fired the crowd, killing several people and injuring many others. In retaliation, the protestors threw a bomb at the police, killing eight officers and injuring several others. Albeit the bomb was thrown from the crowd while Spies was still on the Stage, he was charged and found guilty of murder along seven other protestors. Spies was hanged on November 11, 1987.
Further, in 1882, the United States Congress decided that Chinese immigrants did not deserve citizenship in America. The Americans felt threatened by the contributions of the Chinese during industrialization; therefore, they ousted them. The Americans used such strategies as blaming the Chinese for societal problems such as prostitution, drug abuse, and gambling. However, the Chinese’ only crime was working harder and at lower wages than Native Americans. The Chinese Exclusion Act stated that the Chinese were not welcome in America. Further, the differences in class, religion, and ethnicity created conflicts in the American West. The Anglo Americans in the region...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   01/08/2018

Category:   English

Length:   3 pages (664 words)

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Immigration in America

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