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M-Health is an abbreviation of mobile health used in the current health sector.

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jun 01, 2017

Mobile Health
Institutional Affiliation

Table of Contents
List of Figures 3
Figure 1 10
Figure 2 12
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Overview of Findings from the Fifteen Studies. 5
Review of Success Issues and Failure: Motivation 6
Impact of Business Strategies on the Leadership Concept 7
Economics, Ethics and Business Standards. 8
Impact of Law in Health Information Management and Impact of Health Policies to Address Health Informatics Needed in Mobile Health 8
Statistical Used in the Healthcare. 9
Meta-Analysis. 10
Results and Discussion 13
Implications for Further Research 15
Conclusion 16
Reference. 18

Following the huge number of population that is continuously up ticking, mobile health or m-health has been a significant remedy to the health sector. This is because it has devolved the responsibility and work of health officers and personnel to the phones of their clients as well as patients. This topic considers the review of problems, failures and any evidence that has arisen from the HIM practices. The impact of business strategies on the concept of leadership and management and how these practices have affected the mobile health sector, a discussion of the impact and effect of economics, ethics professional standards and an analysis of the consequences of health policies information management on mobile health. A study of statistical models that was used in the health care to gather and analyze data and in turn give discussions on the statistical models that was used in this research (Chib, van Velthoven & Car, 2015). Further, we also look at the results of the meta-analysis, the discussions of other related studies that have been made and their comparison to the new research concerning the mobile health, limitations, summary and if there are areas that there should be a recommendation of a further study. M-health has been seen to be encompassing a lot of issues and show their interdependence and relations to the above issues (Chib, van Velthoven & Car, 2015). Hence, this topic discusses the contributions, failures, projects and impacts of mobile health to nations her people.

M-Health is an abbreviation of mobile health used in the current health sector. ICT commonly known as information communication technology will be discussed in this topic and how it relates and influence the mobile health. The FNIH which represents a health body referred to as the foundation of the national institute of health and its contribution to mobile health will have to be considered. W.H.O referred to World Health Organization (Telecommunications Union, 2013) Hence the topic discuss the review of issues, failures and any evidence that has...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   06/01/2017

Category:   Medicine

Length:   18 pages (4,077 words)

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M-Health is an abbreviation of mobile health used in the current health sector.

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