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Major lessons Scout learns throughout TKAM

Uploaded by xfireworksflyinx on Apr 17, 2007

In "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, Scout learns some major lessons. Some of these lessons are not worrying about little things, how to be a lady, and appearance and reality. Atticus teaches Scout and also Jem not to worry about little things because there will be bigger things to face. Aunt Alexandra teaches Scout about being a lady when coming to live with the Finch Family. Atticus teaches Scout about the difference of appearance and reality.
One major lesson Scout learns about in [i:107f9d47b5]To Kill a Mockingbird[/i:107f9d47b5] is not worrying about little things. A good example of this in the book is during the fire. Miss Maudie’s house is burning down and the Finch’s house starting to catch fire. Scout asks Atticus if they should go in and save some of their belongings and furniture but Atticus says it’s not time to worry yet. He knows that the court case about Tom Robinson will bring something bad upon his family. Atticus, being a very calm person, tries to prepare his children to be strong and not to worry ‘til it’s actually time to.
A second major lesson Scout learns is how to be a lady. An example of this lesson is when Aunt Alexandra comes to live with Atticus and his children. She thought that Scout was a tomboy because she didn’t have a woman around to influence her and Atticus let her do whatever she pleased. Scout starts to get interested in becoming a lady when Tom Robinson is shot and Aunt Alexandra is in complete shock but goes back to her guests and acts like nothing had happened. Scout admires this of Aunt Alexandra.
Another major lesson Scout learns is appearance and reality. An example of this lesson is the day Miss Dubose, Tom Robinson, and Tim Johnson. All three are innocent and good. They are all harmless but had something wrong with them that they couldn’t help. Miss Dubose’s addiction to morphine made her look like a terrible person just like Tom Robinson being black made him look like a criminal to white people and the rabies made Tim Johnson look fearful to the neighborhood. Scout learns that people are different on the inside than they are on the outside.
In conclusion, Scout learns many lessons throughout [i:107f9d47b5]To Kill a Mockingbird[/i:107f9d47b5]. These lessons are not worrying ‘til you really need to, how to be a lady, and the difference...

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Uploaded by:   xfireworksflyinx

Date:   04/17/2007

Category:   To Kill a Mockingbird

Length:   2 pages (458 words)

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Major lessons Scout learns throughout TKAM

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