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Mitosis Root Tip Microscope Lab Paper

Uploaded by kelizabeth on Sep 04, 2008

Root tip microscope lab


What are the phases of mitosis in a root tip?

Using a prepared onion root slide and a microscope, can you identify, label and count cells undergoing mitosis?

-prepared slide of an onion root tip

1. set up a compound light microscope and turn it ob
2. place a slide containing an onion root tip under the microscope
3. locate the growth zone, which is right above the root at the root tip
4. focus on low power and then switch to medium or high power, use the pictures of the stages of mitosis to identify the stages on the microscope slide
5. count the number of cells found in ach stage of mitosis and record it in the data section
6. Determine the percentage of time each cell will spend in each stage of mitosis.

Stage of mitosis Number of cells % of cells in each stage Number of cells % of cells in each stage Number of cells % of cells in each stage

Prophase X 0 X 0 X 0
Metaphase X 0 X 0 X 0
Anaphase 20 14 28 17 17 11
Telophase 13 9 15 9 12 8
Interphase 105 77 120 74 113 78
Total number of cells 138 100 163 100 142 100

1. Of the four stages of mitosis, which one takes the most time to complete?
a. Prophase takes the most time to compete
2. Which is the shortest stage duration?
a. Metaphase is shortest
3. What would happen if the process of mitosis skipped metaphase? Telophase?
a. Then they would not split correctly
4. Why do you think cells were dividing only at the root tip?
a. Nucleus
5. Three reasons cells must divide?
a. To have enough cells
b. To replace old cells
c. To maintain surface area
6. Why is Interphase not considered part of mitosis?
a. Because there is technically no genetic movement.
7. Define:
a. Spindle fiber: cluster of microtubules that span the cell nucleus
b. Centriole: small structure in animal cells that helps to organize microtubules
c. Chromatid: strands of chromosomes that occur in identical pairs
d. Chromatin: material of chromosomes that consists of DNA and proteins
e. Centromere: the part of a chromosome where choromotids are attached

Using a prepared onion root slide and a microscope, identification was confirmed, and cells undergoing mitosis were able to be counted and categorized.

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Uploaded by:   kelizabeth

Date:   09/04/2008

Category:   Biology

Length:   1 pages (300 words)

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