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Nelly and My Life

Uploaded by SamSkillz on Dec 22, 2004

Nelly and My Life

Have you ever really heard good music? Now think again, you have only heard good music if you have heard Nelly. Nelly is more than some fast rapping thug from the S.T.L., for those of you that aren't avid Nelly followers that's, St. Louis. I look at Nelly for more than his music. I look to him for his personality, outlook on life and most of all his examples of how he lives his life. Also the lyrics in his song inspire me to live my life just as I do. These are only a few reasons for my love of music and Nelly.

First off Nelly has a great personality. You might see it on MTV, BET, or wherever your paths might cross with him. My first encounter with Nelly's new style of rap came at the end of my junior year in high school. I was sitting in my room on my computer and I saw his spanking new song "Country Grammar" on M.T.V., from that point on I was hooked. I immediately called one of my good friends and had him burn a c.d. for me with that song on it.

After I received that c.d. I listened to it until I knew every word from the main vocals to the bumping beats on this lyrical genius. Some say this man is only a "rapper" to some but an icon to my-self. After about three weeks it finally came Nelly's first album came out, titled "Nelly, Country Grammar." My day of delight was finally here; I picked it up and hour before our family trip to Florida. The trip was thirteen hours long, and thirteen sleepless hours and eight AA batteries later, I had listened to the c.d. to the point of no return. I was hooked on Nelly.

I had that c.d. for almost a year before the next c.d. was to hit the store shelves. Of course I was first in line for the opportunity to get my Nelly hungry hands on his new album, which included his posse "The St. Lunatics." The album was titled "Free City" included his brother Murphy Lee, Kyjaun, Ali, City Spud, Tluv, Yella Mac, and Courtney B. This album showcased Nelly's family, which needless to say in a great addition to his unique sound. Now Nelly is planning to come back with another solo album called "Nellyville" and the...

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Uploaded by:   SamSkillz

Date:   12/22/2004

Category:   Music

Length:   3 pages (778 words)

Views:   7690

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Nelly and My Life

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