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No Guns

Uploaded by namjoon on Feb 20, 2020

No More Guns.
Imagine you were a teacher with a gun, students within your class and protecting them from getting killed. Now imagine the shooter in your school, close to ending your life and many others, but with the gun in your hand… you’re the one that took their life instead. Who’s the police going to believe now? While some people across America may believe guns would make schools safer, there is a high possibility of a student getting injured, teachers would possibly get blamed for being a murder.
Not everyone believes guns are a danger to students and teachers, some think it’s acceptable to have guns in a classroom and make the school ‘safer’. A gun isn’t a teachers’ responsibility. Others may feel differently, a gun being a danger to students and staff. Quoted from “Armed Teachers Would Not Make Me Feel Safer” (pg.2), “At first glance, the idea of putting firearms in the possession of our nation’s teachers might seem like a good idea...most teachers are not trained...and that poses its own set of risks.”, Even if you were trying to protect yourself from the shooter, its own set of risks would be very high. Students' lives could be risked just by one shot of a gun.
Nevertheless, students have higher chances of getting injured if there's a gun in a class. Researchers have found if you're around a gun(s), you’re likely to end up dying from an accidental shooting. Quoted from “Arming Teachers Introduces New Risks Into Schools”(pg.3), “Unintentional incidents, by both school resource officers in schools and teachers who accidentally discharged their firearm”, even if an adult or staff didn’t mean to use their firearm, the possibilities of it accidentally hurting someone is endless. This shows that having more stricter laws on guns would lower the chances of students dying.
Secondly, even if teachers were to be armed, it would take numerous hours for them to be trained. Working a gun takes a great deal of preparation, and utilizing it in case of a crisis takes aptitude, reflexes, and preparing. Quoted from “Armed Teachers Would Not Make Me Feel Safer” (pg.2), “According to a 2008 Rand study… who, in theory, have a solid foundation in gun use- often miss their target. In fact, they only have a hit rate of 18%. And, even in close-range shootings, they only have a 37% success...”. Even if we had most teachers...

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Uploaded by:   namjoon

Date:   02/20/2020

Category:   Reflection

Length:   2 pages (502 words)

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