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Opinions on the Funding of the Mapplethorpe Exhibit

Opinions on the Funding of the Mapplethorpe Exhibit

Should Mapplethorpe be a publicly funded exhibit or should it be exclusive to whoever will pay the entrance fee to gaze upon beautiful art? In the big picture, the Mapplethorpe exhibit is truly a one of a kind art demonstration and most museums of art are publicly funded so excluding this exhibit would not be politically correct because a minority feels that it’s indecent. If government officials are now able to decide what is 'decent and respectful' art, where does that leave protest or political art, or art that addresses controversial, moral and religious issues? Museums today wish to increase their popularity for two reasons no matter what kind of art. First, higher attendance obviously generates greater revenue. But more importantly, popularity grants legitimacy on the venture of the museum. As public institutions, museums must strive to deliver a valued public good to the maximum number of people at the lowest possible cost. Equal and easy access to culture and learning are the museum's goals; an increase in popularity indicates success in fulfilling that purpose.

The young and modern artists of today will feel discouraged because their art is not accepted in a public area. The inspiration for art comes from within the artist himself/herself and just because a certain group feels that it is not “art” but more so pornographic, doesn’t mean that the majority of society doesn’t feel that the art isn’t beautiful or stimulating rather than obscene. People will see what they want to see no matter if it is publicly funded or not. Being funded publicly just gives the new artists an extra chance and privilege for others to see their work of art, rather than a selected few who have to pay. This gives the artists a boost to know that people accept the art for what it is. Taxpayers pay for things all the time and have no idea where their money is going so it really shouldn’t matter that some of it will be going towards many artists, striving to make a better living and showing their talent off to the world. If someone doesn’t want to see it, than don’t see it but putting regulations on things such as, books even music, art - and saying that it isn’t art and shouldn’t be publicly funded is outrageous and is only coming from a one...

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Opinions on the Funding of the Mapplethorpe Exhibit

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