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Sigurd the Volsung - Northern Europe Hero

Uploaded by Gotskillz on Jun 19, 2004

Sigurd the Volsung, a legendary hero from Northern Europe, shares many similarities and also has several differences with Theseus, a hero of Greek origin. The two different cultures are also alike and different in a glut of ways.

The heroic tales of Sigurd the Volsung, and Theseus contain many similarities culturally as well as physically. Sigurd is destined for greatness at a young age, for his veins swam with the blood of Sigmund, the noble and courageous King of Hunland. Similarly, when Theseus lifts an enormous boulder to retrieve his father’s sword, at the young age of sixteen, he is quickly labeled a hero. Sigurd and Theseus also share a preeminent desire to gain fame, treasure, and heroism through great deeds. Immediately after learning of Fafnir the dragon, and the hoard of gold he posses, Sigurd is determined to attain this wealth, no matter how ferocious and powerful the beast is. Theseus too shares this determination for success and immortality. During his stay with his father, Aegeus, in the city of Athens, Theseus offers to accompany those who must be sacrificed to the Minotaur of Crete; for he believes he can defeat the terrorizing monster. The cultures in Northern Europe and Greece tend to involve supernatural creatures that must be overcome by a dauntless hero. Sigurd was a towering man, with unbeatable strength, astuteness, and agility; he defeats Fafnir to obtain his notoriety. In Theseus’ quest for glory, he overcomes the Minotaur of Crete, using his wit and strength.

The cultures from which Sigurd and Theseus originate from differ in several ways, and their character qualities are unlike as well. Theseus demonstrates greater courage, for he seeks danger by volunteering to travel to Crete, in hopes of slaying the vicious Minotaur to attain fame. Sigurd, on the other hand, needs decisive convincing by Regin, before he dares confront Fafnir. In several instances, the omnipotent god Odin advises Sigurd. Odin saves Sigurd from his sure to be demise, by telling him that he should dig several holes to contain Fafnir’s blood rather than a single hole; for if he doesn’t, he will drown from the dragon’s immense dispersion of blood. On the contrary, Ariadne, a simple human being, guides Theseus during his mission to rid the world of the Minotaur of Crete. She helped him by giving him a magic sword and a ball of thread so that he could...

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Uploaded by:   Gotskillz

Date:   06/19/2004

Category:   Geography

Length:   2 pages (537 words)

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Sigurd the Volsung - Northern Europe Hero

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