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Strategic Management in Action 2

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jun 26, 2017


1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Case study 1 – Hewlett Packard – Strategy development process 3
2.1 Strategy development process – Intended Strategy – Strengths and Weaknesses 4
2.2 Strategy development process – Emergent Strategy – Strengths and Weakness 4
2.3 Proposed strategy development process – HP 5
3.0 Case study 2 – One Sony? 6
3.1 Organisation's configuration – Structure, Systems and Strategy 6
3.2 7S McKinsey's model – One Sony? 7
3.4 Configuration dilemma – One Sony? 8
4.0 Case Study 3 Leadership and Change Management – Fiat and Chrysler 9
4.1 Change Management and its Challenges – Force Field Analysis 10
4.2 Types of Change by Sergio Machionne 10
4.3 Levers of Change 11
5.0 Conclusion 12
References List 14

1.0 Introduction
The management of every company is responsible for its performance and this makes it important to strategize the management systems and to ensure that they all aim at improving the performance of the organisation. Organisations create strategy maps to help them analyse their plan for success. According to Johnston and Marshall (2016), there are many factors that are involved in the policy map whose main goal is to achieve the ultimate business goal. For instance, leadership strategies, marketing strategy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are factors that helps the business in achieving is ultimate goals. The paper views several strategic management processes and their effects on the respective businesses in the case studies. This includes strategy development process, a configuration of management processes and the leadership management strategies. The paper observes implication of the processes in strategic management and offers the best strategy developed to each case.
2.0 Case study 1 – Hewlett Packard – Strategy development process
In 2012, Hewlett Packard's (HP's) profits were declining and it was losing its market share despite having a high turnover of $120 billion. The main reason that attributed the decline could be traced back to the aggravated disagreement within the board. They failed to agree on a coherent strategy that would be used to ensure that the business was run smoothly. Since 2002, the board was having disagreements with the CEOs, and they mostly leaked their discussions to the public, thus creating a perfect opportunity for competitors to outdo them. They used their political position to fire the CEOs if they failed to agree with their opinions. The board had used the company as a way to create an avenue for their recognition by reaching out to the press and this adversely affected the performance of the organisations.
2.1 Strategy development process – Intended Strategy – Strengths...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   06/26/2017

Category:   Management

Length:   15 pages (3,450 words)

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Strategic Management in Action 2

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