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Strategic Management in Action

Uploaded by CaseyP on May 23, 2017

Strategic Management in Action

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Case Study 1 – Hewlett Packard – Strategy development process 3
2.1 Development of strategies in organizations 4
2.2 Strategy development process – Intended Strategy – Pros and Cons 5
2.3 Strategy development process – Emergent Strategy – Pros and Cons 6
2.4 Proposed policy development process - HP 7
3.0 Case Study 2 – One Sony 8
3.1 Organisation’s configuration – Structure, Systems, and Strategy 8
3.2 7S McKinsey’s model – One Sony? 10
3.3 Configuration dilemma – One Sony 11
4.0 Leadership and change management – Fiat and Chrysler 12
4.1 Change management and its challenges – forcefield analysis 13
4.2 Types of change by Sergio Marchionne 14
4.3 Levers of change that were implemented by Sergio 16
5.0 Conclusion 18

1.0 Introduction
The management theories have been changing since the nineteenth century. New management methods are released whenever they have been proven to work. It is important that an organization develops the best management strategy and uses it. The paper discusses three case studies on different scenarios of management to determine effectiveness of management techniques on the business success. The case studies are the Organising for Success- One Sony?, Boardroom Battles at Hewlett Packard and Leadership and Strategic Change: Leading Change in Fiat and Chrysler.
2.0 Case Study 1 – Hewlett Packard – Strategy development process
According to the Case Study, the profits made by HP kept reducing despite their high sales. Besides, there were false accusations in that the members of the board were leaking information on each other to the media so that the other members could be viewed as the source of the problem. The board members did not trust themselves and campaigned against the other..
The problems of the company started in 2002 during Carly Fiona’s tenure as the CEO. According to the case study, she publicly condemned one of the board members for opposing the acquisition of Compaq. Issues then started when the members of the board started propagating lies on one another. The case study indicates that the next CEO, Mark Hurd changed the strategy to cutting of costs. However, he failed and again, there was public criticism from the board members.
The Case study states that Apokether was the next CEO and he too developed strategies that did not work. The board turned against him and did not want to associate themselves with the strategies which he had implemented that failed. According to the Case Study, Meg Whitman was appointed CEO and initially her strategy to tackle the problems of the organization seemed to be working. However, they proved to...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   05/23/2017

Category:   Management

Length:   14 pages (3,193 words)

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Strategic Management in Action

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