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Superstitions and the Bermuda Triangle

Uploaded by barkhaamonkar on Sep 20, 2005

Science has an overwhelming way of trying to find a reason for anything and everything that occurs on, under and over the surface of the earth. If a thing cannot be explained by science then it is either dubbed as superstition or coincidence. One such mystery churned out after years of inhabiting this earth is the Bermuda triangle. For years, it has baffled scientists worldwide and evaded any logical explanation for its existence other than perhaps as a symbol of Nature’s superiority over mankind.

In the past 100 years over 1000 lives have been claimed by the Bermuda triangle. This barely results in about 10 lives per year. It is not the ‘number’ of lives lost that is astounding but ‘how’ these lives were lost. The term ‘Bermuda Triangle’ was first coined by Mr. Vincent H. Gaddis in his article, which featured in the magazine ‘Argosy: Magazine of Masterpiece fiction’ in 1964.

The advent of the legends, shrouding the ‘Bermuda Triangle’, date back to the times of Christopher Columbus. In fact much about him is known through his journals itself, thus leaving no roam for doubt as to the validity of his findings. Columbus first ran into problems in the Sargasso sea, where his crew members spotted sea weed and land birds even when land was no where in sight. To add to his troubles his compass refused to respond properly and the following day he spotted a large meteor falling from the sky. His crewmembers even saw what they termed as ‘dancing lights’ in the horizon.

This turned out to be just the beginning. Since that day over 100 ships and planes have disappeared while traversing this region. Some of the notable instances date back to 1945 when 5 Navy avengers disappeared (Flight 19). A more recent one is in 1972 when a German freighter Anita weighing around 20,000 tons disappeared with its crew of 32 people. The latest instance occurred in 1997 when passengers simply disappeared from a German yacht without a trace.

Other legends claim that the triangle houses the famous lost city of Atlantis. Though no proof has ever been found there are claims by people that they have felt the ‘powers of the city’. Yet another myth encircling this triangle is that it is an ‘alien’ base. Several books suggested that the disappearances were due to an intelligent, technologically advanced race living in space or under...

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Uploaded by:   barkhaamonkar

Date:   09/20/2005

Category:   Physics

Length:   9 pages (2,105 words)

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Superstitions and the Bermuda Triangle

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