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What is love? A Reflection

Uploaded by tyson_626 on Dec 22, 2004


Love is the best feeling in the world, and it can also be something that scars you for life. Love is not often used in the right way. It's not a word that you can just play around with. People often get sexual passion and romantic love mixed up with one another. What do you think the difference is between sexual passion and romantic love is? In the story of "Love as an Experience of Transcendence" by Charles Lindholm was different philosophers pint of view of the difference between sexual passion and romantic love.

"Passion," Simenon said, "is a malady, it's possession, something dark. You are jealous of everything. There is no lightness, no harmony" (172). Passion is something of darkness and jealousy. Many people get passion and romantic love mixed together. In a passion relationship, all it is about is sex, sex, and more sex. When someone in the relationship is tired, not even tired of having sex; when one of them has a lower sex drive than the other then you really start to see how different you are. Every little thing about that person bothers you. You try to find reasons not to talk to them abut then that word LOVE gets intertwined into all of this passion. You think that to yourself, "do I love him/her?" Even though you don not, you try to force yourself to believe that you do because that is all that you have known. In my opinion, that is how young marriages get ruined.

Sexual passion cannot compare to the wonderful feeling in which love brings. "Love, that is completely different. It is beautiful. Love is being two in one. It is being so close when one opens his mouth to speak, the other says exactly what you meant to say. Love is a quiet understanding and a fusion" (173). I totally agree with that quote. The meaning of love is far much more complex and wonderful that the meaning of sexual passion. When you are in love you feel as if you are on top of the world. Nothing brings you down because you know that your lover is there to pick you up. Love feels extremely unreal. When you're in love you...

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Uploaded by:   tyson_626

Date:   12/22/2004

Category:   Reflection

Length:   5 pages (1,029 words)

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What is love? A Reflection

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