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World Diplomacy and Politics in 1962 and today 2007

Uploaded by richjay14uscrgj on Jun 23, 2007

The Leaders fault or the Ambassador’s fault

In times of negotiations people forget the actual role that ambassadors are suppose to play for their country. An ambassador is a political puppet controlled by the leader of a nation and is suppose to convey only what they were instructed by their leader. It’s frustrating for a committee to listen to an ambassador blow out a lot of hot air. The thing is they shouldn’t be angry at the ambassador, but at the person instructing the ambassador which most often is the leader. It’s frustrating because it shows how the side trying to gain some ground runs into a diplomat who’s been told to be stubborn. The west makes this mistake more often because people assume a lie is being told and being that westerners have a one track mind that doesn’t help to see the other side.
In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis was occurring and Khrushchev was instructing his diplomats on what to say to prevent every nation who wasn’t aware from knowing what the Soviets were doing in Cuba. The only nation aware at the time was the United States. Then Khrushchev’s Ambassador to the United States Andrei Gromyko arrived in Washington D.C to talk to President Kennedy. Kennedy thought Gromyko was lying the whole time they talked, but actually Gromyko was acting as he was directed by Premier Khrushchev. Proving political discussions can be deceiving if not followed correctly. The American politicians were sold Gromyko was lying and what they weren’t aware of was Gromyko was doing his job for the Soviets. Premier Khrushchev was running a political puppet show and his puppets were the ambassadors who came into western countries saying the missiles would be for defensive purposes only. Ambassador Gromyko was one of Khrushchev’s puppets that almost convinced the U.S to allow missiles to be kept in Cuba.
The dangers of puppetry politics is that the side listening does not know whether the person is bluffing or trying to make you believe something that’s not true. North Korea’s leader, Iran’s leader have their puppet politicians tell the United Nations and the United States that they’ll shut down their nuclear programs. Then once the United States and United Nations along with the world are sold on that happening, Iran along with North Korea secretly start up again leaving every non-western nation clueless because...

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Uploaded by:   richjay14uscrgj

Date:   06/23/2007

Category:   Political Science

Length:   5 pages (1,040 words)

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World Diplomacy and Politics in 1962 and today 2007

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