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Dropping The Atomic Bomb

Was America justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima? With the war in Europe ending shortly after Adolf Hitler commit...

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Hammerdin123 Published on 05/18/2008 8054 Reads American

Types of Propoganda

Assertion: Assertion is a common modern propaganda technique. Assertion is a wholehearted or energetic statement given like a fa...

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kelizabeth Published on 09/08/2008 2311 Reads American

Northern Poverty and Southern Slavery

This paper compares the lives of poor northern women with the lives of southern slaves. (3+ pages; 2 sources; MLA citation style)...

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planotJ Published on 10/26/2011 1188 Reads American

The Constitution

This brief paper discusses the ways in which the Constitution supports the Revolution and the ways it negates it; it also discusse...

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crystalite Published on 10/26/2011 2171 Reads American

Significance and Meaning of the American Revolution

This paper explores the reasons why the colonists revolted; what was radical about the Revolution and what was conservative. (2.5...

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crystalite Published on 10/26/2011 1299 Reads American

Tensions in the American Colonies

This paper examines briefly the conflicts that arose in the American colonies in the 17th and 18th Centuries. (3 pages; 1 source;...

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crystalite Published on 10/26/2011 2282 Reads American

Vantage Points of History

This paper considers the life experience and how it differed for women, Native Americans, blacks, and whites in Colonial America. ...

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crystalite Published on 10/26/2011 1162 Reads American

Two Views of Slavery

This paper compares and contrasts two books about slavery on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the late 17th Century. (4 pages; tw...

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sammy69 Published on 10/26/2011 1358 Reads American

The Donner Party

This is an essay about the Donner Party, written in a narrative, not academic, style. (11+ pages; 3 sources; 2 additional suggest...

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sammy69 Published on 10/26/2011 1930 Reads American

U.S. Government Grants to Native Americans

This paper discusses some of the issues surrounding the grant process with regard to Native Americans. It also discusses Native A...

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jetzzz Published on 10/26/2011 999 Reads American

Voltaire and the Pursuit of Happiness

This essay discusses what the “pursuit of happiness” might have meant to Voltaire. I Introduction At least for Americans,...

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sinbaaad Published on 10/30/2011 1510 Reads American

Andrew Jackson's Presidency Bank War and IRA

The national bank was observed by Jackson to jeopardize economic stability and served as a monopoly on country’s currency. Jackso...

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prazzperkasa Published on 12/04/2011 1486 Reads American

Booker T. Washington Vs. W.E.B. Du Bois

At a time when the black community was being afforded a free status, but not one of 
equality, many leaders arose to appeal to the...

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harina92 Published on 12/06/2011 3962 Reads American

Douglas MacArtuther a Famous General

MacArthur was a famous general. He served in the United States Army for almost fifty years he receives high honors. He won many vi...

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asdfga47 Published on 01/10/2012 1018 Reads American

A Review of American History

Although Britain’s North American colonies had enjoyed considerable prosperity during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth ce...

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jamie83 Published on 01/13/2012 1393 Reads American

Civil Rights in the 1960's

The 1960’s were one of the most significant decades in the twentieth century. The sixties were filled with new music, clothes, and...

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tamii Published on 01/13/2012 1833 Reads American

The Origins of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Introduction The Cuban Missile Crisis originated because of a number of different issues, stemming from the ongoing struggle betw...

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Kerrytom Published on 08/11/2012 1160 Reads American

Essay on Virgina and Massachussets Bay Colonies

Virginia and Massachusetts Bay were two colonies that developed into very different societies by 1600 , although both were es...

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AlexaAriel17 Published on 11/02/2012 541 Reads American

American Revolutionary War The Valley Forge Encampment-A Winter of Suffering

You know how it feels when your stomach rumbles? Well, imagine that you are in the army and eating "fire cake" (a tasteless mixtu...

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wmoore125 Published on 04/01/2013 930 Reads American

Was the cuban missile crisis the result of Castro's fear of a US invasion

The Cuban Missile Crisis is widely considered as the closest the world has come to nuclear war. Former US Secretary of State Dean ...

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Kerrytom Published on 08/10/2013 569 Reads American

Why was the Tet Offensive of such significant importance?

The 1968 Tet Offensive is widely regarded as the most significant event which occurred during the Vietnam War and a major turning ...

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Kerrytom Published on 08/10/2013 1389 Reads American

Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B DuBois

Segregation of African american had been present in the United States since the early 1600’s. In the mid-nineteenth century, Afr...

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DISABLED USER Published on 03/07/2014 1276 Reads American

Analysis of MLK’s “I Have a Dream”

In August 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. electrified America with his seventeen-minute “I Have A Dream” speech. He dramatically deli...

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Sally_Wang Published on 10/12/2014 95 Reads American

1968 indian civil rights movement story

November 20, 1969 We have made it to the island and managed to escape the White Man’s Coast Guard. Their ships tried to stop us f...

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azpups Published on 04/06/2015 900 Reads American

Woodrow wilson biography

Woodrow Wilson was born in Virginia in 1856. Wilson was the last U.S. president to have viewed the civil war. He was 4 years old w...

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azpups Published on 04/06/2015 838 Reads American

Reasons for Immigration in Early America

When the United States was first starting off as a country, most of its inhabitants had immigrated from either Western or Nor...

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chrisfitzgerald Published on 02/18/2016 460 Reads American