Help / FAQ about eCheat Essays

Who writes these essays?

FREE ESSAYS: All of the FREE essays and term papers have been submitted by past and current members of the eCheat community and are available to download free to members of our website.

Premium Essays:All of the "PREMIER" essays and term papers available through our website are written by Professional Academic Writers each with over 15 years experience in various fields.

How can I upload an essay?

First become a member of the eCheat community by registering. Then log in and browse to the category you would like your essay to be placed in. Click the Post New Essay link and fill out the appropriate fields. Alternatively you can visit our upload page and select your desired category from our dropdown box. If you have a large number of papers to add to our public archive and are unable to upload them yourself you may e-mail them to and we can upload them for you.

Can I upload essays with pictures, tables, and/or graphs?

Our database allows you to add pictures to your essays as long as they are stored on another server. Save your graphics as either JPEG's or GIF's. In the case of tables and graphs. Either use the EXPORT option (usually under the FILE menu) or simply take a screenshot and crop out your desired image in a graphics editor, then store them on your server. Then in the essay body upload field type in the following <img src="" alt=""> replacing between the 1st set of quotes the URL of your image. Finally between the ALT quotes "" you have the option, if you choose, to provide a description of your image. Example: <img src="http://location-of-your-server/filename.jpg" alt="description of image">  Now anytime someone views this paper your image will appear. If you have a large number of images and don't have a reliable server to store them on e-mail them to and we can store them on our server for you.

Isn't the point of this site to help students cheat?

No, was created to provide a reference for students writing their own paper. Using a model essay provides the most logical structure for conveying information, or a particular viewpoint in a concise manner. Terms of Use.

Can I use this site without plagiarizing?

Yes, of course! However, to avoid plagiarism, simply cite the source of any information used in your paper, that you secured from any document downloaded from or it?s affiliates. Using a model paper is no different than using a journal article or a book source. Any source needs to be referenced in your own original work to avoid plagiarism. Using our model essays will provide solid ideas and help ease the burden when writing your paper.

If you have any other questions please contact us