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Free Essays On Admissions

Our free application essays have been accepted at Harvard, Princeton, Stanford at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. They are available here for inspiration on your own college admissions essay.

Subcategories: Business School, College, Grad School, Law School, Medical School
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Free Essays On Art and Music

Art history essays, modern art essays, and other free art essays are available here. Find a variety of art essays, music essays, art and music history essays, essays on famous artists and musicians, photography and more in this section.

Subcategories: Art History, Film, Music
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Free Essays On Biographies

Browse biographical essays on historical and contemporary artists, leaders, scientists, authors, and more in this free section. Find several biography essays on any important person in history.

Subcategories: Artists, Athletes, Authors, Celebrities, Politicians, Scientists, Soldiers
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Free Essays On Business

This is the source for free business essays and free business reports. Search business analsyis papers, company profiles, accounting essays, and finance essays. You will find marketing plans, business plans, and other business class assignments.

Subcategories: Accounting, Company Profiles, Finance & Investing, Industry Reports, Management, Marketing
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Free Essays On Creative Writing

Our creative writing category is filled with free papers analyzing life experiences, reflecting on deeply personal events, or even describing fictional worlds. If you are looking for ideas for your personal statement essay, personal story essay, poem or poetry essay, start in this free creative writing essay section.

Subcategories: Personal, Poems, Reflection, Speeches, Stories
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Free Essays On History

In our history section you will find free reports spanning the entire breadth of human history. From free essays exploring the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome to contemporary American history. Topics include: World War II, Revolutionary War, Civil War, and others.

Subcategories: American, Ancient, European, World War II
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Free Essays On Humanities

The humanities are subjects that explore the human condition. In this section you will find free philosophy essays, religion essays, poetry essays, and even free foreign language papers!

Subcategories: English, Foreign Language, Philosophy, Religion
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Free Essays On Literature

Find free essays and book reports on popularly assigned books. Start here for The Great Gatsby essays, The Scarlett Letter essays, or All Quiet on the Western Front essays. You will also find Catcher in the Rye essays, To Kill a Mockingbird essays, and Shakespeare essays.

Subcategories: All Quiet on the Western Front, Catcher in the Rye, Great Gatsby, Homer, Huckleberry Finn, Scarlet Letter, Shakespeare, Things Fall Apart, To Kill a Mockingbird
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Free Essays On Other Topics

Law essays, geography essays, sports essays, and other miscellaneous essays can be found in this section. If the essay you are looking for does not fit into our other free essay categories you will probably find it here.

Subcategories: Geography, Law, Sports
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Free Essays On Politics

View political essays on the inauguration of George Washington to the 2004 California governor's race. Broken up into contemporary politics and historical politics you will find government and politics essays on the electoral college, senate, house of representatives, executive branch, elections process, and the history of politics.

Subcategories: Contemporary, Historical
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