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Management Techniques

________________________________________ The class demonstrates four easy to use management techniques: One Minute Goal Setting, ...

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seinsuct Published on 12/03/2007 3069 Reads Management

Hospital Information System

Executive Summary The existing information system are physical record which are mostly on paper and storing that record itself ...

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vipulkun Published on 05/23/2008 5139 Reads Management

Glass Ceiling a Fact or Fiction

“What is the glass ceiling?” “Is it a ceiling made out of glass?” In business, it is defined as “an upper limit to professional ad...

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chandradeviu Published on 05/31/2008 2051 Reads Management

Market Research for Country Club

This paper discusses market research and the way in which it might be applied by the management of a country club to find out why ...

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dylanb98 Published on 10/31/2011 1370 Reads Management

Leadership Theories Trait and Contingency Leadership

This paper discusses two leadership theories and how they can help managers relate to subordinates. I Introduction Organi...

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dylanb98 Published on 10/31/2011 3089 Reads Management

Google's HR Dilemma

Google's HR Dilemma Google started by 2 Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin Beginning in 1996, where...

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watanga Published on 11/11/2011 1973 Reads Management

Relationship between accountability and public trust from the view point of staffs and clients

Measurement of citizens' attitude toward the government and administrative system is regarded as the main element relative to the ...

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mariametsof Published on 05/26/2012 1708 Reads Management

Human Resource management in Cross Border Mergers

Introduction Globalization of business in general and manufacturing in particular has increased greatly during the last decades a...

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patrickgs Published on 10/05/2012 1496 Reads Management

wage policy in india

Star Automobiles Ltd. Pimpary is in the field of manufacturing of two wheelers. They manufacture and market mopeds. These are ava...

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sillilalli Published on 05/09/2015 614 Reads Management